Thursday, November 29, 2007

I quit winter

That's it. I quit winter. I am refusing to participate. This is getting ridiculous. I was playing at a concert tonight and was told there was "ample parking" which was apparently swahili for "lot will be filled up half an hour before, good luck parking anywhere near the building". Now, I don't mind the walking. I mind the fact that in the time it took me to walk from my car to the concert my face was stinging from the cold, my eyes were watering and the air was so cold it was almost hard to breathe. -21 celcius but -32 with the windchill (-6 and -26 fahrenheit respectively). I was not made for the weather and you would never guess I've lived here since I was born.
This is what my car looked like the other day:
Bye bye windows! And here is the view of the parking lot from the other side:
Please triple the amount of snow in the picture to acurately portray its current state. Any one in need of some extra snow?
In terms of the deadline knitting, I finished knitting the chevron scarf on Sunday (Monday?) and it's currently blocking in my room as such:
Assuming it's dry it should be winging its way out of the country on Saturday. Phew! I was concerned about making that deadline. And at the same time I absolutely can't wait for my scarf to arrive from my pal (please postals gods, send it quick, I'm dying in the cold!).
Now I need to focus on finishing the wayward mathematician socks for Mrs P (hopefully by the time exams are done on the 13th) and then I plan on doing the impossible. Namely knitting two pairs of socks between the 14th and 24th of December. One for my aunt and one for my dad. My aunt's absolutely need to be done. My fathers can be finished during the Cuba trip if need be as we aren't officially having Christmas this year but I do hope to have them done for Christmas day. We'll see how that goes.
I also happened to get my very exciting knitpicks order in this past week but you will have to wait until atleast the weekend for pics so just try to contain your excitement won't you ;) Hope you've all had a good week and wish me luck as I write the Putnam (6 hour math problem solving test written by top math students across Canada and US, in any given year the median mark is usually zero which is probably a good indication of how hard it is) contest on Saturday! Go math!


Amy said...

We have yet to get snow here, but most of the time we get a 'wintery mix'... that translates to ice.

The scarf looks fantastic!

knitting singer said...

IT has been way below normal here and I think it is starting to get to people. It's nice to have the snow to get into the christmas spirit but this cold is insane! At least we're getting good use out of our knitting. Love the scarf, it's so bright and cheerful!

Jewels said...

Chevron scarf is gorgeous, did you do a count on rows or stitch total for the fun of it? How was the Putnam torture test today? I kept meaning to ask if the swift ever arrived?