Friday, November 9, 2007

Another one

As my knitting turns increasingly baby oriented, some of you may worry that I will run out of babies to make things for (they grow at alarming rates don't they?). Well this was a growing concern for me as well. But thankfully my fears will be delayed for atleast another half year as there is another little one on the way for me to keep cozy in hand knits! I found out last night that my honours thesis (and soon to be masters) supervisor's wife is having another kid in the spring. After failed attempts at correctly guessing sock size of his daughter (they were my first baby socks, you must cut me some slack), I assured him today that I will make the next ones bigger with the possibility of fitting :) Though I hope that I'm not letting all this baby knitting affect my sanity as I just bought a new book Wednesday "Debbie Bliss Essential Baby" and I'm now getting the urge to knit the stroller blanket in that book. You'd think I'd have learned by now how crazy long it takes to knit baby blankets...
In the FO department I did meet my deadline for the Pixie Hat and I'm as pleased as punch with the results. (And the fact that there's enough yarn leftover that I should wind up getting a total of a hat and 2 socks out of the skeins!). Here it is on a willing and then less willing model:
Tomorrow the hat should be delivered to baby J and his mom. And he he will thankfully have his knitted hat before the snow's here to stay.
Not entirely knitting related but I want to do a small plug for an etsy store I recently bought from. While buying a wristlet for my SP, I decided that I really, really wanted one for myself (actually, I found myself buying two of an alarming number of things I bought for my SP... shh!). Mine arrived in the mail today and I adore it. It's from the Midnight Creations etsy store, made by Sandy O'Brien.
I absolutely needed something small to take out with me when I don't want to carry my gigantic purse with a million and one items in it.
And, just as an ending confession, I decided to bite the bullet and put an order in today for a ball winder and swift from Knitpicks. I am very tired of windng hanks by hand and I think this is a well worth investment as I mostly knit socks made from yarn sold in hanks. So, yeah! And while I was there I saw they had Cat Bordhi's new book for only $19 and somewhat cents so I threw that in as well (I'm dying to get my paws on that book!).
Have a great weekend all and wish me luck tomorrow when I write the NCS team math contest paper!


knitting singer said...

That hat is too cute. My goodness the babies are just EVERYWHERE!

Susan said...

Another baby pattern to the rescue! Look for one that you've been wanting to show up in your inbox fairly soon along w/ the promised multiple ways of increasing stitches........

Jewels said...

Cute pixie hat. The kitty does not look like a happy model, LOL.
You will love your ball winder and swift, especially since most of the yarn you do buy is hanks. How was the contest?

Anonymous said...

Oh that pixie hat is adorable. Why don't kitties like to model? Mine are not big fans either, I'm so excited you are getting a ball winder and swift!