Monday, November 5, 2007

Knitter to the rescue!

Friday evening I was sitting at home, ruminating over how darn cold it was and how sad the snow made me (yes, this is a long drawn out theme around this time every year, don't be surprised) whilst looking at pictures on Facebook when I saw one of Baby J (blue cabled blanket baby) wearing a hat. I was suddenly filled with alarm that it was so cold outside and that he didn't have knitted hats to wear. So naturally I raced to the stash and immediately cast on for a hat. Now, I realized in hindsight that it was all rather bizarre as I'm sure his mother isn't going to let her newborn out without proper winter clothing regardless of whether I knit a hat or not. The panic all seemed rather irrational and I stopped myself from abandoning all homework and other important knitting to madly finish a hat. Is that what having babies in your life does? Previous to little Baby J coming around, I could probably count the number of hours I've spent in the presence of babies in my whole life on one hand. Having him around is totally melting my heart and every Monday I look forward to when his mother tutors at the same time as me so that I can steal him for a bit while she works with students. He's the only one who'll listen to me go on and on about my knitting non stop :) But, I am hoping to have the hat done by the end of the weekend. Here's what it looks like so far:
Eventually the hat will be kind of shaped like a santa hat with a pompom on the end. The pattern is the Pixie Hat from the Debbie Bliss "Simply Baby" book. Too adorable. The colours are matching to the socks that I knit for him previously.
In other teeny tiny knits, last Thursday/Friday in spare moments I whipped up a little sock to fit a sock blocker key chain. I wish that I was claiming it as my own so that I could put my sock blocker key chain with my keys but this one is going out to my Secret Pal who has one. It's almost time to send off the reveal package which I'm very excited for as she's been such a great downstream pal and I can't wait for her to find out who I am. So here is the mini sock I will be coveting in her package:
The yarn is leftovers from my Rocker Girl Jaywalkers. There's still tons left so I'll definitely be making one for myself. Who wouldn't want such a cute and tiny sock?


knitting singer said...

Oh how Adorable is that little sock...and the little hat... awwwwww. So have you started christmas presents yet??? I'm slowly getting through them.

Jewels said...

bABY J's hat is soooo cute. Isn't it great knitting for other people? I love it.
That mini sock is too cool on that little sock blocker keychain.

CynicalGal said...

I just want to squeal at how darling that little sock is!

knitting singer said...

I found the holiday yarn at Walmart in Mid-October. It was on an end display a few rows away from the actual yarn aisle and at the time there was TONS, but a week ago I was there and there was only 2 shelves of it left. It's a bigger skein than their handicrafter cotton and also comes in red and green and I think some with gold and silver weaved in. Next time i'm at walmart I'll check and let ya know!