Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sound the funeral march

Yesterday marked a very scary day in my city. And it had nothing to do with the holiday. It is a well known fact that in my city you need to design hallowe'en costumes to be worn over winter clothes because October 31st seems to be Mother Nature's unofficial deadline. All across the city people were in denial and I heard many people saying, "Don't say the "s" word." But all the wishing and hoping it to go away didn't change anything. It was the first snow fall of the year. Granted, it melted as soon as it hit the ground and there's no sign of it's arrival today but this marks the beginning of a slippery slope. Namely the path to not seeing ground until late April/May. Now I love snow just as much as the next person but after 6/7 months of it, my patience begins to draw really thin. Please think your warmest and wooliest thoughts for my poor little city and hopefully we'll squeeze a week more out of the clear ground weather. As much as I love my kittyville hat, I hope it stays away for as long as possible.
On the good news topic, today I finished the first of the Waving Lace socks which is a very big accomplishment. It's just a touch snug on me so I'm hoping it'll be just the right fit for Mrs P when they get to her. Here are some better pictures than what I've been showing:
And I have no idea what i did to deserve this but instead of having to go on a hunt for more of the same dyelot, there was this left over:
Half a teaspoon of yarn left. That shouldn't have happened. Fitting sweaters, extra yarn? Who has stolen the knitting gods and replaced them with these benevolent over-see-ers? Or perhaps the better question, who has angered them so bad that they've stopped playing around with me all together? I feel very sorry for who ever that person is.
And by request, my reward yarn:
12 skeins of Debbie Bliss cashmerino in a pale pink colour. I got a good deal as the store had just marked them down by like 2 dollars a ball to adjust for the better exchange rate plus a 10% off full bag discount. Oh how I love cashmerino. It's just so nice on the hands and so squishy. I could just sit around mindlessly petting it all night :) The plans are to use it for Eiffel.
But I must now go to my class at the Y then off to band and hopefully forgetting that anything fell from the sky yesterday...


noricum said...

Great sock! (If you don't want that teaspoon worth of leftover, I can add it to my blanket... :) )

Susan said...

Ooh la la - Eiffel!!!!!

I hate to say it, but dare you think that the knitting gods are either being extremely kind or are currently Off Duty only because you got snow so early.............or (even worse) are doomed to be pounded w/ the white fluffy stuff this year?


The knitting gods aren't THAT cruel - they wouldn't punish an entire city just for some good knits for you. They'd only punish you.


Jewels said...

Ooooh, excellent choice of yarn(Cashmerino) and sweater pattern! Great w_nt_r project. See, I didn't use the dreaded word! Awesome that you had enough yarn for the rest of the sock. Such a pretty kitty.
I have my second sock halfway done now, yippeee.

Frieda said...

Greaat choice of yarn for Eiffel; can't wait to see the in progress pics. Keeping fingers crossed that the s_ _ _ holds off a while longer. I used to not be too fazed by the winter , but have to say lately , long for it to be over.