Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yesterday I came home after a very crappy day for many reasons. I was rather fed up with everything and wanted nothing to do with anything. It seemed very clear that no good was going to come out of yesterday. Then I got to the mail. And to my utmost surprise and delight was the November shipment of the Sweet Sheep Self Striping Sock Club!
The colourway is so pretty and called Mittens. The yarn is a thick two ply but with such a strong twist in it that it gives this really funky texture to it. This month's dyer is sKNITches and I love it. I just sat down feeling sad, petted the yarn for a while and immediately started to feel better. I really don't know what non-knitters do without pretty yarn to pet when they're sad. Here is the pretty skein :)
There has not been much new on the knitting front. Mainly because I need to start kicking my butt to get my chevron ISE5 scarf done by the December 2nd deadline. I figure that if I spend my relaxing hours before bed knitting it every day and throw in a few extra hours on the weekend I should have it done in time. And just to prove that it has gotten longer since last showing:
It's about 2/3's of my wing span at the moment. And, for anyone out there who has knit this before, could you maybe reassure me that post-blocking it won't pull in at the center so dramatically? I had to keep smoothing it to make it lay flat and that makes me nervous... (well, lots of things make me nervous but I could use one less thing to worry about at the moment).
And, to spread the pretty things to look at joy, I had a $25 credit in my Loopy Ewe account so I succumbed to the Sneak Up and bought some Wollemeise Lace in the colourway Pfauenauge. You must go see that picture. I think I might die a little when it arrives. If only it wasn't taking 3-4 weeks for anything to arrive from the US, *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Oh no 3 - 4 weeks is an awful long time to wait! Hey I am working hard on your scarf over here --I'm about half way done on my 9th repeat:)

Hope to be done soon so that you can get it by Christmas:)

Your ISE 5 Pal

Diana @ Photodee said...

You are so cute about the yarn petting. What are you going to make with your Mittens colorway? I am in that club too!

Anonymous said...

nice colors!

Knitting Mama said...

That self striping looks awesome!

Jewels said...

oh man, that Pfue... yarn is so vibrant!! Gorgeous stuff. The chevron is indeed growing; nice colors in it.