Friday, January 26, 2007

Slow knitting week

So it's been a slow week on the knitting scene as I tried to devote myself to school work and sleep. And unfortunately it didn't accomplish much school so I gave up knitting time for nothing really. Well, school work did get done, just not more than I would have any other week. So I miss my knitting terribly, a half hour here and there really wasn't enough to satisfy my cravings. (I really am addicted aren't I?)

But I thought I'd post to show a picture of that black hat I finished last Friday made on size 10 needles with Bernats Softee Chunky. I'd been promising it for about half a year now and he didn't think I was seriously going to make him a hat. But I did. And he looks a bit like a cat burglar in it, but it's fun:

And, I also continued to get compliments on my kitty ears which I'm proudly wearing every time I leave the house. That's about the only advantage to living in a freezer of a city like mine, you get lots of use for your winter wear. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I sprouted ears!

Today is definitely one of those days that makes me so thrilled to be knitting. Friday night I finished one of my half year long UFO's that I've been promising a friend, a classic black toque for a guy, so I decided to make something I've been pining for, for myself. The official Kittyville hat! Since the first time I saw a picture in a blog I've been dying to have one of my own. I got the pattern and the yarn two weeks ago and after two days of dedicated work... I HAVE MY HAT!!!!

In the process of making it I learned some very important lessons. Namely to make sure your first row isn't twisted when you're using circular needles. Unfortunately, I learned that one about an hour into the hat *sigh* But atleast it was a painful enough lesson that I'll never make that mistake twice.

The pompoms were also quite fun to make. However, my cat Mittens was a little too excited about the project and the constant threading of the yarn through the hole made her way to stimulated and she was constantly batting at it. It's really hard to keep yarn without holes in it when your cat is sleeping with her head in your lap. I often find mysterious slightly slobery breaks in yarn I accidently leave out. But I love them.

This week and next weekend look like they're going to be crazy with school work, marking work other commitments. Hopefully I'll find some time to get some progress on a bag I'm making that needs to be done in two weeks. And who knows how intact my sanity will be if I don't find a few minutes to de-stress and knit... Here's to hoping!

Friday, January 19, 2007

And so begins the start of my first knitting blog. So it seems the people who read my personal blog really aren't knitters and don't quite appreciate as much as I'd hope my entries about buying yarn and my journey of learning to use dpns :P

I'm a fourth year math and statistics student in university and took up knitting this past summer as something fun to do and way to temporarily forget that I've sold myself and my life to school for probably another 7 years when I go to grad school. And there was also the perfectionist in me who remembers my mother's attempt long ago to teach me to knit which failed hopelessly. But, this time around, success! Ofcourse, as the story goes, I became hopelessly addicted and it's become a bit more of an obsession than a hobby. And after discovering several people in the department who knit and crochet, I can talk knit durring the day too and quite enjoy it. This past Christmas I also learned to crochet which only gave me more excuses to start more projects.

Currently I'm working two hats for a friend and an aunt. And a legwarmer. Apparently knitting while you're in the middle of exams is not the best idea as I somehow ended up making two completely different sizes and am now remaking her Christmas present. I also have a sweater on the go and a second sock.

Speaking of socks, I am extra proud of my latest creation: a sock! It took a bit like forever as I learned to use dpn, how to pick up stiches and grafting. And it's in the color party pink (another love of mine is bright colored socks)! I've just started sock number two and I hope that it will go quicker now that I've gotten the hang of things.

Some other recently completed are two scarfs. The first in a wavy rib pattern made from Soy Wool Stripes, a super soft and gorgeous wool supplied by Patons. It's a 70% wool, 30% soy blend. I used three skeins of the color denimon size 8 needles. It's become my staple scarf and I usually don't take it off during the day indoors.

The other scarf was my second crochet pattern found in Debbie Stoller's "Happy Hooker" book. It was made with one skein of Paton's Classic Merino with a 6.5mm hook. You can never have enough scarves. Especially when your city just went through a speel of 30-40 degrees celcius below zero spell.

And, just because I can't resist, the contents of my latest yarn buying expedition when my lys had a 30% off the entire store New Years sale. The contents:
-"Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook" by Debbie Stoller. Particularly for the Kittyville hat pattern. (Cute hat with earflaps and cat ears)
-2 skeins Snuggly 4-ply (Sirdar). 247 yards each. 55% Nylon/ 45% acrylic in Party Pink§ion=475&prodID=3202#colorDrop
-2 skeins Brilliant (Paton) 166 yards. 69% acrylic/19% Nylon/12% Polyester in Sparkling Rose§ion=40&prodID=3588
-2 skeins Cotton Viscose (Garnstudio) 110 metres. 54% egyptian cotton/46% viscose in Magenta§ion=411&prodID=3579#colorDrop
-3 skeins Summer (Lano Gatto) slightly ambiguous yardage. 50%cotton/50% acrylic. Seemingly unlisted on the web site. Will be used to make my Kittyville hat.
And I think that about covers it for today. I'm off to get one of those hats finished.