Sunday, January 21, 2007

I sprouted ears!

Today is definitely one of those days that makes me so thrilled to be knitting. Friday night I finished one of my half year long UFO's that I've been promising a friend, a classic black toque for a guy, so I decided to make something I've been pining for, for myself. The official Kittyville hat! Since the first time I saw a picture in a blog I've been dying to have one of my own. I got the pattern and the yarn two weeks ago and after two days of dedicated work... I HAVE MY HAT!!!!

In the process of making it I learned some very important lessons. Namely to make sure your first row isn't twisted when you're using circular needles. Unfortunately, I learned that one about an hour into the hat *sigh* But atleast it was a painful enough lesson that I'll never make that mistake twice.

The pompoms were also quite fun to make. However, my cat Mittens was a little too excited about the project and the constant threading of the yarn through the hole made her way to stimulated and she was constantly batting at it. It's really hard to keep yarn without holes in it when your cat is sleeping with her head in your lap. I often find mysterious slightly slobery breaks in yarn I accidently leave out. But I love them.

This week and next weekend look like they're going to be crazy with school work, marking work other commitments. Hopefully I'll find some time to get some progress on a bag I'm making that needs to be done in two weeks. And who knows how intact my sanity will be if I don't find a few minutes to de-stress and knit... Here's to hoping!