Friday, January 26, 2007

Slow knitting week

So it's been a slow week on the knitting scene as I tried to devote myself to school work and sleep. And unfortunately it didn't accomplish much school so I gave up knitting time for nothing really. Well, school work did get done, just not more than I would have any other week. So I miss my knitting terribly, a half hour here and there really wasn't enough to satisfy my cravings. (I really am addicted aren't I?)

But I thought I'd post to show a picture of that black hat I finished last Friday made on size 10 needles with Bernats Softee Chunky. I'd been promising it for about half a year now and he didn't think I was seriously going to make him a hat. But I did. And he looks a bit like a cat burglar in it, but it's fun:

And, I also continued to get compliments on my kitty ears which I'm proudly wearing every time I leave the house. That's about the only advantage to living in a freezer of a city like mine, you get lots of use for your winter wear. Have a great weekend!

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