Monday, February 12, 2007


So it's been a few weeks since last I posted. Mostly due to a lack of time to knit or sleep really. In the span of a week and a half there I had to mark about 150 assignments/tests, do 4 assignments myself and write 2 tests back to back. Just about died (well... not really, but my head sure felt like it).

Not that there isn't lots to do this week over reading week, but I have more time. I spent the whole weekend knitting. Unfortunately it was mostly do to the fact that I was rather medicated and slighlty out of it on pain medication and didn't have to attention span to do school work. But no complaints from me if it gets me knitting.

I first finished this gold evening purse which is a birthday present for my friend Leslie which she'll get sometime this week. Unfortunately the lining of it took me just as long to do as the actual purse. Hand sewing really isn't my cup of tea. But I tried very hard to make it the best I possibly could for her. Here's the result:

I apologize for the crappy camera which is about 6 years old. The details on the purse didn't come out very well. And I should mention that it was crocheted ofcourse.

Today I took a trip down to my LYS and was in my happy place completely. It's so tempting to buy everything you wanted. I settled on picking on the yarn I need to make my friend the devil eared equivalent of my kitty hat that she asked me for, some Paton's Brilliant in silver that my mom wanted so that she could knit a purse too but I did buy myself one special splurging present:

It's Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino. 100% Merino, 50g/175 yds. But it was popular that I couldn't get two from the same exact dye lot (they're made in lots of only about 20 or less). But, apart from dye lot numbers they also have dye codes for wools with similar colours so I had to settle for two with similar dye codes. But I figure that they're bought to make funky socks so slightly off colours won't hurt anything.

In other news, I expect imminent completion of my first pair of socks and to do the emergency fixing of my aunt's Christmas present before she returns to the city on Friday (I accidently made her leg warmers two different sizes, oops! I blame the stress of exams). Happy knitting all :)


Jewels said...

Great purse!! The lining is perfect, but yah, time consuming!!
Oh, you are now bit by the Koigu bug....

Deneen said...

Hi Jenna-I came over from Jewels blog.

The bag is great and the fact that you lined it, two thumbs up!

I love KPPPM of all sock yarn-I have only used it once, but adore the pants off of it.

Can't wait to see the socks.

noricum said...

Lovely purse! Lining takes me a while too. (Jewels sent me. ;) )

Mathgirl said...

Suddenly comments in my blog, clearly it's the work of Jewels who got me started on all this :) Welcome to my blog. And yes... I think I'm definitely hooked on the Koigu yarn. Fortunately it takes me long enough to make socks that it shouldn't gobble up all my spending money, lol.