Sunday, November 18, 2007

New toy!

I can not begin to tell you all how thrilled I am today! Last night I got my early Christmas present that I've been dying for for months. As I just mentioned yesterday, we're going to Cuba over Christmas which basically means not really anything in the way of Christmas presents. But long before a Christmas vacation was decided on I had been dying for and soliloquizing about wanting nothing but a new digital camera. Convincing my father that it would be a total travesty to take the old camera to Cuba, they decided to go halfers with me on a camera. Hooray! Our old one is from 2002 and so obsolete that my dad decided to inherit it but it needs a new battery and the guys at The Source had never seen the battery and took forever trying to look it up to special order it, ha ha. My old camera is one of the first digital cameras ever and very not up to snuff. But my new one is heaven! And I'm going all sepia crazy. Here are the kitties all sepia'd up:

Awww. I think I will be a picture taking maniac for the next while. Well, as soon as I get a new memory card. The one they sold me isn't compatible with the camera (what great knowledgeable staff huh?) and the internal memory card I'm using only holds 8 pictures. Hopefully I'll get back there soon (they need the original debit card so I must wait for my father to be free and go with me).
But what I love most about it at the moment is what it's done for capturing the colours in my variegated socks. Remember my waving lace socks that always looked like crap every time I tried to photograph them? The pattern/texture would get obscured and lumpy and the colour was all wrong? Well let's take a second look at them:


Mmm... socks. I definitely couldn't do that before! And look at the last one there. I am so happy with the clean line I was getting along the decreases. It was always a struggle with my first few socks but I'm actually able to see an improvement. And that makes me smile. I have no idea why I'm so concerned about stagnating in my sock knitting, maybe it's my eternal self-competitiveness showing up in my knitting. But the socks are a gift so I'm glad that they're the prettiest edges I've ever knit.
Long story short, expect more pictures in the near future :)


Anonymous said...

Ooh, nice pictures. Cute furbabies and you do NICE work -- those socks are lovely. -- your SITM secret pal said...

Your SITM Secret Pal is looking forward to sharing the fun with you...please send your preferred email to:

Knitting Mama said...

What camera did you get? Nice Sepia pics!

Jewels said...

Yep, definitely a sock picture taking camera. It's as needed as the yarn or needles, right ? wink