Wednesday, December 5, 2007

yummy overload!

Oh my! There's just so much to show today. And while there is much yarn and knitting acoutrements, I must admit there's no actual knitting to show. Tonight at knit night was the first time in atleast a week that I picked up my needles to my great horror and sadness because of exams, marking, and essay madness. What I actually cast on will have to remain a mystery until I get a bit more done but I will tell you that it's from Cat Bordhi's new book :)
But before I get to my mirade of knitting photos I thought that I'd give another parking lot update. The lot was just plowed yesterday and this is the snow pile of all the snow removed:
You can imagine how big that snow pile gets by the end of the season, lol. Driving has been an absolute death trap down a main road by my house. Going to university this morning, in like a three block span I saw two cars over the median (seperate accidents) and one over the side walk and smashed in a post. Coming home from knit night at almost the same spot I saw three cars so smashed in together they may as well have been one car on side of the road and another over the curb and in a snow bank on the other. Emergency vehicles detouring traffic. This is not a good sign. No matter how careful I am, I'm twice as worried about other drivers spinning out around me...
But enough of snow troubles, on with the yarn-y goodness! First and foremost, my ball winder and swift, hooray!! I wound up three 100g hanks today in half the time it took me before to wind a 50g skein. And I have to say that I was entirely too amused watching the swift fly around and around and the yarn come spinning off of it. Kid in a candy store I tell you :) And by the luck of the draw it turns out that there is only one counter in my house thin enough to secure the swift on to:
Why yes, that would be the oven! With the swift taking up the oven I'm unable to secure the ballwinder down but I don't mind. They suggest holding it in your hands anyways. Seriously, I have no idea what I did before this. Here is what was ball-i-fied today:
The next three socks I intend to cast on. From left to right (or top to bottom if you prefer): Lime & Violet Summer Blush (I believe that's what it's called...) as a christmas gift, Yartini Sangria (monkeys for me) and Dream in Colour Smooshy for my Sock It To Me Twice Pal. Aren't they cute?
Now, I hope you are sitting down without anything pointy in your hands as these next pictures might put you into yarn porn overload, my Wollemeise Lace came in today!!! 1700+yards of delicious peacock colour goodness:


*drools* I must find the perfect project for this. Nothing less than the absolute best project will do. Mmmm... wollemeise.
Oh, and it might be possible that I acquired some sheepy sock blockerse (shh!)
Hmm... I really think this will be the last of yarn spending for a long while (well, exception for the Ram Wools post New Year 30% off sale to pick up yarn for a project for my supervisor's baby to be). But so much yummy stuff to work with, no complaining here!
Tomorrow I'm off to London Ontario for the Canadian Mathematical Society winter meeting so I won't be around for the next few days. Then an exam shortly afterwards. Hopefully I'll get a post in before two weekends from now. But know I'm thinking of knitting in spirit.
Enjoy the rest of the week!
P.S. To my ISE5 and SITMT pals, no sign of your packages yet. I'll stay on alert and let you know as soon as they arrive.


knitting singer said...

oh my! that yarn is amazing... i think i may actually be drooling!

Anonymous said...

Oh darn! I was hoping your scarfy scarf scarf had arrived by now! Love that Wollemeise--what beauty!

Amy said...

I always love to see the unusual places that people find to place their swifts. I have NO place at my house, so I always venture across town to my Mom's to wind yarn. I do have to fend off 'The Herd' (Mom has SEVEN cats) while doing so though.

I love those socks. They look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, what a post! Great stuff.