Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A FO atlast!

Hooray!!! Exams finished on Thursday for me and I could not be happier. You can imagine what that's meant for me. And if you guessed finally knitting and a FO (it's about time already!) you would be absolutely correct. In the realm of HUGE reliefs, I finished the Wayward Mathematician Socks for Mrs P. and they will be mailed out tomorrow. (One Christmas deadline met, two more to go, gulp). Here they are posing nonchalantly against the mini Christmas tree in preparation for The Loopy Ewe socks in trees photo gallery.
Aww, what cute sheepy sock blockers. I tell you, it's much easier to take pictures of them on the blockers than on my own feet (I got them from the Loopy Ewe). Now, you will remember the peril I was in with having enough yarn leftover from the first sock. I can't seem to find the leftovers so it was super important that I had enough yarn in the second skein for the second sock. I figured there was just enough left over last time to not worry. Well, that was the first sign that things were very close to going up in flames. When I got to the toe my heart was literally pounding a million miles a minute. Afterdoing the end this is how much yarn I had left over (including the extra bit left over after weaving in the cuff yarn):
So Andrea, would you like these leftovers for your blankie ;)
I'm adventurously into the leg of the sock present for my aunt but I will show you those photos after tomorrow when I get a bit more time put in on it (I have two knitting meetups tomorrow, heaven!). But I will prod you all to go buy yarn from my all time favourite-est dyer ever Lovesticks (I just recently found out that she has a blog and it has a contest for a chance to win a skein of her yarn, go! now!). Her yarn went up a few days ago at The Sweet Sheep (a Canadian store) and as opposed to buying from the US the shipping is super speedy. How do I know that? Well, I already fell off the wagon a bit when she posted a picture of the Saltwater Taffy colourway on her blog and I had to get it. But this is it! I swear! You may as well enjoy the picture though:
(You know I'm pointedly eyeing you Andrea to get over there!)


noricum said...

Um, I think I'll have to pass on those leftovers. ;)

I saw that there was more Lovesticks at The Sweet Sheep... I'm *trying* to be good right now, though. :( (I may not last...)

Jewels said...

Love the colors of the Lovesticks yarn.
Holy crap, that's gotta be the closest anyone has ever come to running out of yarn! Scary stuff. I guess that's one advantage of doing a toe up sock.
I forgot to mention before how GORGEOUS that Wollemeise yarn is, OMG.
I should try making some sock blockers with my scroll saw.

Amy said...

Those socks are fantastic! I love them.

And the colors in that Lovesticks ... wow!!! I'm totally jealous!:-)