Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mail, oh my!

Today I just got home from London Ontario to find not one but two packages waiting for me, both from wonderful exchange partners. It's like an early Christmas at my house today :)
First there was a lovely first package from my Sock It To Me Twice Pal:
Included was some chocolate (yum yum!), Regia Sock Wool in some really pretty colours, gorgeous little stitch markers which I love to pieces because they're the perfect size for sock needles (not the usual big needle variety), a funky tongue in cheek notepad (I think Knock Knock notepads are hilarious) and some kitty treats. Misty sends her thanks:
Thank you so much SITMT Pal! It's such a wonderful treat to have right in the middle of exams.
Then, came the big box that I have been eagerly anticipating for months and months now... my ISE5 scarf! Eeek!!! The package arrived from the wonderful Marisol. The colour, the feel, the goodies. I couldn't be more spoiled! (And don't worry Marisol, I didn't have you figured out and was completely surprised!) Here is what I pulled out of the box:
Note the cute caption on the card "I saw three sheep come sailing in". This is what was immediately replaced by the package inside the box:
Misty also sends you her thanks! Upon unwrapping here is what I found:
Beautiful scarf, angel pin, fun tape measure that I'm in desperate need of (I promise to try to not lose it but I don't know how credible that promise is given the black-hole-i-ness of my room but I will try very hard anyways!), notepad, gingerbread cookies, gummy frogs, sours candies, chocolates and leftover yarn (Cascade Dolce) which will perhaps become some mitts or a matching hat. Here's the scarf on me (how convenient that I was wearing black!):
Doesn't it suit me well? I love, love, love, love, love it!!!! Thank you so much Marisol!!!!!! You can bet that I'll be wearing it tomorrow and showing it to everyone I see! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

What a cute kitty :)

I'm glad you liked your Marisol made a GORGEOUS scarf!!! That color is really beautiful on you.


Anonymous said...

Hurray! It finally got there and it looks so lovely on you! I believe that is a very good color on you my friend:)

I hope this scarf keeps you nice and toasty:)


Amy said...

OMG - how totally cute is your cat in that box??? She is just too much.

I had a rough night at work, and that cuteness was well needed. :-)

knitting singer said...

oh misty.. how adorable! The scarf is beautiful and looks gorgeous, you must bring it to show me on the 17'th.

Knit Kimber Knit said...

Misty is soo cute! I think snoopy will have a new online friend! looks like you got some great stuff!

Jewels said...

catching up on blogs tonite....ooooh what delicious packages you received. Gorgeous scarf - how cool that she sent the rest of the yarn to make a matching hat or handwarmers or mittens.