Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas miracles are happening everywhere around the world of knit blogging and somehow I am not the exception. I thought it was hopeless to get my aunt's Christmas socks done in time for her house sitting on Monday but not only did I finish them, I finished them with several days to spare. I surprised even myself by completing the pair between Tuesday evening and Friday evening. And to make it even more impressive, they weren't the socks I was originally making her. Those turned out to be hideously too small and were abandoned in a fit of frustration half way down the leg. So real panic set in and I had muchos incentive to work like crazy on her socks. I'm very happy with how they turned out:
They are clearly Jaywalker socks made from sKnitches Syncopation self-striping sock yarn in the Mittens colourway, the November offering of the Sweet Sheep Self-striping Sock Club. I did a few modifications making a garter ridge heel, widening the heel at the heel turn and a few minor mods on the toe. The yarn gave really wonderful stitch definition and there was nice colour transitions. My only complaint would be that there were some blobs that look like unmixed dye splashed on it in a few places but it's mostly on the sole of the foot so I won't worry.
Ofcourse, the Christmas knitting isn't done. I still have the socks for my father. Clearly I won't get a whole pair done by Christmas but hopefully I'll finish one this weekend to give him as a down payment. I'm getting sooo excited for Cuba! We leave at the crack of dawn Monday morning and I can't wait to get out on the beach. The kitties seem a bit non-plussed at the leaving. Mittens is guarding my suit case:
And Misty is giving me those sad little kitty eyes:
You'd almost forget that they won't care we're not here as soon as their auntie gets here and spoils them rotten all week...


Amy said...

Holy Crap on a Stick!!! Those socks are soooooo fantastic! They turned out amazing hon - I love 'em.

What yarn is that? It really works up well in stripping.

noricum said...

Have a fabulous trip! Your kitties are sooo cute. :) I love the photos you took of them.

knitting singer said...

awwwww misty and mittens... how adorable is that!! I was playing peek-a-boo with my maggie this morning... it was super cute! I love how those socks turned out... it must be a Christmas miracle!!

Jewels said...

Looks like great yarn for that pattern! You sure knit them up quickly. Have a great trip with no Winterpeg snow.

Anonymous said...

You do beautiful work! What precious kitties. Mine really like to guard suitcases too :)