Friday, January 4, 2008

Socks ring in 2008

Hi all! Happy New Year and merry belated Christmas!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I was busy sitting on a beach in Cuba so there wasn't so much in the way of holiday season for me but I was having a well needed break. Ofcourse this is why there's been nada in the way of blogging around here lately. I did get back on Monday but I've been a bit tired running around with the start of school so hopefully you will forgive me. Here is the knitting that went on whilst in Cuba:
My Hula Punch socks are finally finished!!! Well, the knitting is done, the ends need to be woven in. But I can finally have socks to call my own. My last two pairs previous were for other people so it's nice to get a pair for me churned out. And they are in the most fantabulous colourway so what's a girl not to love?
The trip also involved lots and lots of casting on. Firstly there are the socks for my father that I had to abandon as they have a funky heel and I'm dead certain they're now too small but didn't have a circular needle to get my dad to try them on at the time. It's the Men's Elegant Winter Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush made with Patons Kroy:
If you're wondering what kind of funky heel, it's a Dutch heel. And not only is it narrow, I don't know how comfy it would be either :S And to have socks for me on the needles, my Salt Water Taffy Socks:
These are just knit in plain stockinetter on 2.5mm needles. I really hope that if I block these socks it will cure all sins because there's some really ugly bits in my stockinette that are in serious need of smoothing out and I hope that they aren't there to stay :( Maybe this is why I never make plain stockinette socks?
And yes, you know there's another sock coming. It is just the cuff of the sock for my Sock It To Me Twice Pal just to show off the colour:
The yarn is Dream In Color Smooshy and oh my! This must be the best yarn I have ever gotten to knit with. I have never knit with anything that has the sproing of this stuff. The name absolutely says it all. I will sacrifice a good base yarn if the colour's good enough but there is no sacrificing going on here. I bought it for the colour, knitting for the texture. I highly recommend it to anyone out there who's been thinking of jumping on the DIC train.
But ofcourse, I can't let you think that it's only socks now. Today I stopped by the Ram Wools sale to buy yarn for the present for my supervisor's kid to be. But I will save the details for when I get some knitting done on it. Hopefully soon. Until then, happy 2008!


Knitting Mama said...

Love those Hula Punch - I don't think they sell that color anymore - it's GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Robyn - those Hula Punch socks are amazing!

Cuba for Christmas ... I'm so jealous. :-)

Jewels said...

huka hula - they're fun looking! The DIC looks so pretty too.

knitting singer said...

The hula punch socks look amazing!!!

noricum said...

I love your hula punch and DIC socks! I *almost* broke down and placed a Sweet Sheep order, but caught myself at the last minute. I can't fit all of my current sock yarn stash in its designated storage space, so I need to make more socks before I can order more yarn. :( I will, though, one of these days! (LoveSticks and DIC were two of the yarns I had picked out, and I *will* get some of both... one day!)

Lena said...

Great work.