Friday, January 11, 2008

A New Year

In the long list of things I've been meaning to do but haven't, one of them is a post about the New Year. I was even supposed to for the SITM contest, but I've now missed that boat. But there's no time like the present and you're never too late. A knitting update post to follow later this weekend. I'm in a list like mood, so I'm going to make lists :)

Knitting Projects I want to make in 2008:



-German Stockings (by Cookie A)

-Granny Square Afghan

-Begin a Mitered Square Blanket

-Cap Shawl from Victorian Lace Today

Personal Goals:

-Write more letters (used to hand write one letter a week)

-Go to the gym three time a week (up from two in the fall)

-Go to sleep earlier during the week

-Write on my thesis every week

-Blog more often

-Save money for my trip to Montreal

-Spend more time outside in the summer

Things to look forward to:

-Trip to Montreal in June and Toronto in July


-Starting grad school

-Summer Research Job

-Learning to sew with a new sewing machine in the spring

My favourite online finds of 2007:

-The Loopy Ewe

-Midnight Creations


-PhD Comics

-Dinosaur Comics

-Knitters Uncensored


And that's that. Knitting content to follow...


Anonymous said...

Lots to look forward to ... from your SITMT Spoiler.

knitting singer said...

GRADUATION!!!! YAY!!!! It's too bad we aren't in the same ceremony though :(

2 sweaters! Does Jenna have a new addiction??