Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Taking count

Perhaps my last post made it seem like I had relatively few things on the needles and it was nothing to worry about. I understand your pish posh there Susan. But those are the works that I'm actively knitting on on a mostly daily basis. If we want a true and honest account of what's on my needles it would (as far as i can remember casting things on):
  1. Father Socks
  2. Baby bunting
  3. Salt Water Taffy Socks
  4. Laguna Waves Socks
  5. Eiffel
  6. SITMT Sock Swap Socks
  7. Baby Alpaca Mitts
  8. Sweet Pea Socks
  9. Lemonade Stand Socks
  10. Black knee high socks
  11. Mystery Stole
  12. Snowdrop Shawl
  13. Buried Sweater from before I realized there was actual yarn made of things other than acrylic that came from Walmart
  14. Some Regia Socks on a long circs
  15. Granny Squares with intentions of a blanket
  16. Technically still on the needles but earmarked for frogging, the socks that shall not be named from Sockapalooza
Without being at home to actually check, I think that about exhausts everything that is currently on needles but it seems there's high chances that at this point I could've forgotten something. Hmmm 7/15 are socks. Perhaps I have a sock problem?
What I really wanted to share with you today is my latest aquisition. You might remember my wristlet that was purchased a while back out of jealousy of the one I bought my secret pal (oops!). Well I have since abandoned my huge honking purse and down sized to just using the wristlet which can stay stuck to my wrist and I never have to worry about it. I tell you, it is truly liberating. I can't fit more than necessities in, the are no non-broken purses in my house so I have to carry just the basics around. For anyone who feels their life is too cluttered, I recommend this move. The rest of my life is a huge mess of junk strewn about, but this one little piece of peace is making all the difference. So ofcourse I bought another one from Midnight Creations . Now I'm just waiting for the change purse I ordered as my only complaint is it's hard to find the loose change milling about inside. Here it is:
Isn't it cute? The service is great and she does custom orders too!
And in the realm of strange random stories, I had an odd knitting moment the other day. I was in the office of one of my professors for absolutely non-crafting related reasons when they mentioned that they saw my knit blog. Apparently he was googling some totally unrelated to knitting subject and by chance, out of all the websites in the world it could have taken him, he wound up on my blog. He never even knew I knit (don't know how any one could not know that, but I digress) but the post on the page had my picture on it. As it turns out his wife is a big knitter and by osmosis he's learned lots about styles, colours, materials, yarn contents, etc... And I ended up having an hour long conversation about knitting with him. And he promised me a book about alpacas. Who knew?
Well, that's all for today. Tonight is knit night, woo hoo!


Susan said...


I certainly stand corrected!!!!!!!

And I thought that I was bad with a current WIP list of:

2 pairs of socks
1 sweater
1 shawl

knitting singer said...

Jenna the first step is admitting you have a sock problem...lol j/k! I love the little clutch it is super cute. I really must get a smaller purse because mine is too big and too cluttered. Best of luck with your WIP's!