Sunday, January 27, 2008

Time to graft

Methinks that it's about time that I take out my darning needle and get grafting. In the last week while avoiding school work from a motivational slump, I managed to get to the end of two socks. And then promptly didn't bother to graft the toe. But that should be done soon.
The first sock to get to that point is my father's sock. Though perhaps I'm avoiding the grafting there because it'll mean that I'll have to cast on the second one which I'm not exactly dying to do. It's 70 stitches around on 2.25 needles (US 1) and the ribbing goes on forever. He really likes how they're turning out but they just aren't that fun to knit. I must tell myself that the quicker I finish, the quicker I never have to have anything to do with them again...
The second sock is one that's been hiding a bit. My Salt Water Taffy socks that I cast on for in Cuba. I'm doing these in plain stockinette and not following any sort of pattern or recipe. Just using the common sense from all the other socks I've knit. It's really nice to be at that point where I can just knit socks and not be tied to any sort of pattern. I'm also amazed at how fast the stockinette goes. The yarn has a BFL base and I don't know how I feel about it. I generally have very even stitches and they seem to being going funky all over the place on this yarn. And it's not the best feeling ever to knit with. I am hoping that blocking will even out the stitches, BUT despite all of that, the socks feel heavenly on my feet. So I will love the yarn base anyways because nothing tops that!
In the last week I've also cast on for my Sock It To Me Twice socks. These need to be done by the end of March so hopefully I will have the first one done by reading week (mid February) and I'll get most of the second one done durring reading week. The pattern is from Favorite Socks by Interweave Knits (best sock book ever!) and is mainly a 2x1 ribbing with cables going down either side. If you recall it's made out of Dream In Color Smooshy and boy is it smooshy :)
I'm now bringing my socks to my calc lab to knit on while they do their quizzes. It provides entertainment for them and an extra hour of knitting in a week. And, in the fit more knitting time in quest, it is now light enough durring the drive home to knit again (when I'm the passenger, not the driver ofcourse!). So even more knitting time. I love when it's finally somewhat light out on the return as for several months I rarely see daylight durring the week as I get to the university in the morning in the pitch black and return home late in the pitch black. Hooray for natural sunlight!
But perhaps I should stop avoiding work and get those assignments done and tests marked :( sigh. Hope you had a great weekend!


knitting singer said...

YAY for sunlight! I am loving the smooshy socks they are gorgeous!

Jewels said...

That smooshy is indeed smooshy yarn. Very cool color mix.
Question - do you put your sock on the blocker to graft it? and do the grafting from the inside or the outside?

I agree, on the Interweave Favorite socks book..I still have to get to the store, maybe this week since it won't be seventykabillion below. And yes, lifts the spirit seeing some daylight now in the mornings and evenings.