Thursday, January 24, 2008


Tonight I was out with my community band playing a concert for Robbie Burns Day (officially tomorrow) but before that I received a happy letter in the mail :
I am officially accepted into the University of Manitoba and going to grad school in the fall, hooray! And only two weeks after putting in my application too so very little waiting. Though truth be told, I wasn't exactly concerned about getting accepted as I've had an intended supervisor and the department's been aware of the project he'd like to do with me for half a year already but still. I'm going to be a grad student! Where in the world has the time gone? There's only a few short months left of my undergrad and it's all going by so fast. I'm trying really hard to hold onto and enjoy this last little bit of time but it seems an impossible feat. I've had a wonderful time where I am and wouldn't trade it for anything but I guess life is telling me that it's time for a new adventure...
In the "in the mail" department, I finally received the change purse that I ordered. As I said, the only real problem with my new wristlet system was the money all loose about inside but all those problems have been solved and it's the perfect solution:
Ain't it cute? And bright red lining on the inside :)
In commentary on knitterly life, I sometimes wonder if the knitting makes us forgot non-knitter etiquette. For example, around knitters it's almost expected that if someone is knitting something new for people to walk up and start petting and examining it. However, it's not exactly something that's encouraged by the non-knitters. See, today after class I was having a conversation with two of my classmates in the hallway as we were getting ready to leave for the day. One of the guys was talking and gesturing with his hands when I was completely distracted by the mitts on his hands that looked hand knit. Without thinking about it, I walked right up and starting starring at his mitts, mostly to his utmost confusion and surprise. Totally derailed his train of thought :P I realized the strange behaviour and asked if they were handknit which as it turns out they were, by his mother, awww... Warms my heart. But I really have to find less socially awkward ways of examining handknits in the wild...


knitting singer said...

YAY JENNA!!!! I hope at the end of April I am lucky enough to receive a letter like that! I know what you mean about examining handknits.... i have often found myself doing it while watching tv.

Anonymous said...

Good on ya! Congratulations on your admission to graduate school. Very exciting and quite a relief to have in on paper.

Gorgeous change purse too!


Jewels said...

Congrats on getting the letter!! Wow, when I just read it here that it is only a few short months it caught me offguard, but holy macs, it is! The year flew.
Cutie little change purse too.

Knit & Purl Mama said...

I'm finally catching up on my blog reading - oh my am I behind. CONGRATS ON YOUR ACCEPTANCE! That's awesome!