Monday, February 11, 2008

Really, still alive

This is horrible! I haven't even posted this month. This is perhaps because I've been sucked back into the swamp vortex that is the end of the year stretch. Two months left of courses before I'm done my degrees. And the way I see it, I pretty much have to spend every remaining waking hour working if I want to get everything done that needs to be :) No pressure or anything...
There has been a bit of knitting going on. I was able to tick all that kitchenering off of my to do list since the last post. And my dad's first sock is done with the second one cast on the needles. (Though I fear the second will languish until April, oops). You can take a peek at the non woven in ends
(Julie, they almost fit the sock blocker but are a touch too big. Then again, my dad has smaller feet so that might not be the best indication)
I also got around to biting the bullet and finishing the mitt I cast on for months and months ago. It's super warm made from Blue Sky Alpaca's Melange (%100 baby alpaca). The mitt isn't too terribly nice but it's warm and soft and that's all I care about. The real question is, will I get the second one done before it's summer?
I've also gotten past the heel on my first SITMT Swap sock. This is quite the accomplishment as I had to rip the entire heel flap and heel about 3 times much to my total dismay as I was completely unable to follow the pattern. I seriously wanted to cry at the third ripping but all seems to be going well. My only fear is that I will be so tired of the ribbing by the end that I'll not want to knit these socks again for a very long time and I really want a pair for myself (I've had the yarn picked bought since the summer). Let's cross our fingers that come the end of April when I have real time again the tiring will pass.
If you worry for my sanity, please be aware that Mittens is protecting all of those intro calc students from having their papers graded when I'm delirious of angry. Good kitty!
P.S. Please be aware that Crazy Aunt Purl has put us all on notice that she's sending V.D. through the internet


knitting singer said...

yay to one sock being done :D and here's hoping you get that mitt done before it's time to put them away (but it's winnipeg so you have TONS of time still).

noricum said...

*poke* ... we need to organize our spinning get-together!

I have Monday off, but might join dad for that skating thing at the Forks if it's not too cold (they're trying to break the record in people skating holding hands, or something). The rest of the days I work, but I'm free during the evenings except Tuesday, which is painting night.

Send me an e-mail! :)