Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thinking to spring

As I get bogged down in two promises of socks (though I have nothing but warm and fuzzy feelings for the recipients and do wish to finish them), I can't help but let my mind wander to the projects that I want to get accomplished once those are done. Come mid-April I will actually have real time to myself and all my knitting can get restarted in earnest again (it was confirmed unofficially Friday that I got my summer research grant so I'm secure in my day job for the summer, hooray!). Here's what's in the plans for post sock finishing:
1) Baby bunting for my supervisor's baby-to-be which I have blogged about before. I'm about 1/3 of the way done right now but not touching it again until all is out of the way.
2) Baby bibs. I found another friend having a baby and a growing stash of discloth cotton so I'll be making her some bibs and a few test bib's for Baby J who received the cabled baby blanket.
3)A Baby Surprise Jacket. Seeing all the crazy pictures of its construction I'm dying to try it out so I bought a kit for it from Blue Moon Fibre Arts. The colours are for a girl so hopefully one of the two upcoming babies will be a little girl to wear it. Isn't the yarn too cute?
4) Next socks on my list to make are some Monkeys from Yarntini in "Sangria"
5) Embossed leaves in some newly acquired Socks That Rock (You really didn't think I couldn't order from them and not get any STR did you?) in the Backstabber colourway
6) Finish the mystery stole from last summer (oops!)
7) The start of a long term mitered square blanket project
Hopefully that will be keeping me occupied for a while. I'm sure there will be many other socks and various sundry baby things thrown out but it keeps me with something to look forward to as an incentive to finish the two gift socks. Wish me luck!


knitting singer said...

ooooh pretty yarn!

noricum said...

*pout* Had I known you were ordering something from BMFA, I would have asked you to order a skein of STR for me too, and split shipping. (I have *got* to try that stuff one day...)

Marisol said...

Those are some really nice acquisitions there... I'll have to keep an eye out for the baby surprise jacke kits at Stitches this Friday.

Love all of these especially the Yarntini!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, gorgeous yarns. How exciting. I love the promise of new yarn purchases.

A package is on its way...your socks are not in it. I have to block them, but I'm a little afraid :)

SITMT Secret Pal

Susan said...

Which baby bibs are you going to do? I'm a wee bit tired of hats and the like for little ones, so I've been eyeing some bibs myself for the latest crop o' babies that is out there. I was thinking of doing those "petal" ones from Mason-Dixon for the girl babies.....but wondered if they are a bit too.....girly? for the few boy babies that have emerged in the past few months.........

Knit & Purl Mama said...

That's some gorgeous sock porn!

Love STR! I got some Sock Candy a long time ago as a gift - still in my stash, I love to pet it ;) hee hee.