Thursday, September 27, 2007

Craziness abound

It's very nearly the end of the week and I can't believe that I've made it through. I'm sorry for the lack of postings but things on my end this past week have been both stressful and sad (Randy Sitter if you remember is one of the leaders in my research area and I had my travel sock take a picture outside his office door earlier this summer). I also had my first econ test today which was abruptly stopped when the fire alarm was pulled, we were all evacuated and then tied up trying to re-enter because they had to re-backpack search everyone. So it's now a take home test. I wouldn't mind so much except that I was doing really good on it. Why couldn't that every happen on a test I'm doing poorly on? *sigh* But things have pulled through and with some good news.
My cousin had a baby girl this past weekend and I'm quickly trying to finish up this for her:
And my friend who was receiving the blue baby blanket just had a baby boy yesterday. So the colour was fortuitous. So many babies to knit for now, hooray! And this also means that the double baby blanket project is in the home stretch and I can go back to paying attention to my other knitting.
In total guilt Monday night I cast on for the second of my Laguna waves socks which saw the first one being finished in oh... June/July. So if you want to see some newish knitting, here's a toe for your enjoyment
And though I'm still waiting on my first secret pal parcel, I did receive my first secret pal-ish mailing from my wonderful group hostess Robyn. I won the second contest she ran for her group so in the mail today I got this super funky card with coupons for free blockbuster movie rentals and popcorn (Guess what I'm doing tomorrow night!)
Thank you so much Robyn, you're a wonderful hostess!!!!
Not much else to mention on the knitting front except I'm really antsy to get a whole bunch of socks started. My sock yarn stashed has grown at ridiculous rates and the Favourite Socks from Interweave Knits is calling my name desperately. So many things to knit but I need to finish that baby blanket. Hopefully Friday night's the night!


knitting singer said...

Yay Babies!!! Good luck with the baby blanket,i'm sure you'll finish it this weekend. I'm hoping to get some knitting done this weekend in between studying for a psych test and editing a psych paper.

Jewels said...

TM came to pickup marking today and brought that new new little baby with her! So we got to see him modelling his baby cashmere blankie.

Knitting Mama said...

Let me know what movies you end up renting and how they are! ENJOY

Your SP11 Hostess, Robyn

Anonymous said...

OHH! I love that sock yarn. When I can finally tell you who I am, you are definately going to have to let me know where you got it from. The yarn is just amazing -- I LOVE THE COLORS. Anywhoo -- your package should be getting to you just about any day now. I hope you love it. You must post pictures!

Your SP11 Pal =)