Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is it really done?

Cable Blanket Corner
What's that? Could it be that the baby blanket is actually done and before the baby's arrived? Well... yes and no. The knitting was done at about 10:30 Sunday evening (so right on the weekend deadline). However, that was followed by this:
Soaking Cable Blanket
(Which is a way more accurate portrayal of the colour) which lead to my bedroom floor borrowing a carpet and looking like this:
Cable Blanket
(Why yes that is the third season of Grey's Anatomy that I knit the last third of the blanket to). Unfortunately it is now Tuesday evening, my floor still looks like that and the blanket doesn't seem to have any intention of drying any time soon. This morning it wasn't even damp. It was still wet. I'm beginning to think that drying hand knits is a lost cause. I made a point of telling the baby today that they need to stay in just a bit longer (I love how I somehow feel my friend's pregnancy should be prolonged because of my knitting needs, but in my defense the baby isn't due for another week and a half so atleast there's an expectation on the mother's part that the baby should stay in a bit longer). I do absolutely love the blanket and can't wait until I get to see a baby wrapped up in it :)
In the world of sock knitting I've started to knit up that famed Hula Punch yarn that I've been raving about. Take a peek at how it looks knit up in Jaywalkers:
Hula Punch Jaywalker
Isn't it as lovely as I predicted it would be? I can't wait until I can get these ones on my feet though I feel that'll be a long way off yet. This weekend I need to spend it trying to knit baby blanket #2 (actually, it's more like baby blanket #1 that got put aside as I hated the needles I was working it on. Maybe it's the same size as the cable blanket and I can just switch needles now...). It's been so long since I've knit on it that it'll be hard getting back in the groove. But on the bright side, it doesn't need wet blocking, hooray!
And I should mention that I also made a baby hat this weekend for a baby shower for my friend's sister (who I made those pink socks for a while back). It was my first time seeing the baby and she was so adorable. The hat was a big hit, the pattern coming from last minute knitted gifts. And as a bonus it only took 3 hours to make. So now I know a quick baby pattern. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture but as soon as I see if any one the two upcoming babies are girls I'll be making more so I'll have to remember to take a picture of the next one I make.
But, it's back to work. Must do homework, mark and tutor tonight. The math never stops :) Happy knitting!


noricum said...

Woohoo! A finished baby blanket. :) Did you use a washing machine to spin the water out? I find that helps my sweaters dry a lot faster.

I *love* how that sock yarn looks! *drool*

Jewels said...

I love how the cable blankie turned out for you! Huge project though hey? She's going to L.O.V.E. it for sure!!
Yep, the Hula yarn is definitely drool time.
Good to hear the blankie finally dried too.
I will I will I will get to my blog again soon :)

Knitting Mama said...

You should join our Jaywalkers KAL!


Come sign up and join the fun!

- Your SP11 Hostess, Robyn

knitting singer said...

YAY!! The blanket is done!! Congrats Jenna!
I LOVE the hula punch socks, those colours are amazing.