Saturday, September 1, 2007

Blog guilt

I confess, I have blog guilt :( I wish I was posting a bit more often but most of the knitting I'm doing is for my big secret project and I don't want to show pictures until it is a FO photo. Plus it's been crazy trying to get ready for classes starting at university Tuesday (how in the world is it September already?) and I've been trying to spend time out at the cabin. This is all just not conducive to blogging. So the long and short of it is that I have nothing brand new to show you. However, I am not without things to share.
For any Canadians out there who want to be buying sock/laceyarn but want something in Canadian prices and cheaper shipping because it's coming from Canada, I have found the place for you: The Sweet Sheep Shop. This store has an amzing selection of all sorts of indie dyers. There are always sock and fibre clubs starting, mystery dyed yarns and other fun things for the adventurous knitter as well. Yesterday they stocked up on Lovesticks self striping yarn and I had to get some because I've been dying to try the Hula Punch colourway ever since I saw someones FO shot of it on Flickr. Mmm... So yes, go check it out!
And with all of my talk of being busy, you must realize that the fact that I'm writing this means that I'm procrastinating something else. Namely finishing the great back to school room clean out. I've pretty much gone through everything however it's now all sorted in piles on my floor waiting to be put back and actually looks worse than it did before. See what I get to deal with:
And just as a treat to make up for current knitting shots, here is a picture of the first thing I knitted. I started off by buying one of those really gawdy kid crafting kits for a pillow. I will love it as being my first piece of knitting but would never in a million years hang on to anything ever again that came out looking like this:
What was your first piece of knitting?
And to just answer a few questions:
1) My Queen of Cups socks have been taken off the needles and are needing to be frogged. They looked absolutely hideous on my feet and I have no intentions of ever attempting them again.
2) Because I'm sure you all are very concerned about this matter, let the record state that I have never been nor do I intend to ever visit (though I'm sure it's a very nice site).
Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!


noricum said...

My "learn-to-knit-again" project was my Weasley sweater:

I had learned to knit as a kid, started and aborted several scarves, and then quit knitting until part-way through grad school.

Jewels said...

hmm, I'll have to think of what my first knitting project was; can't picture it right now. OMG, your room actually looks worse than mine! How is that possible..mind you I actually cleared a few things out this weekend.

knitting singer said...

My first project was the scarf that I completed at our first knit-together last august. I did, however, do a lot of little swatches before that. Oh the back to school room clean up, I must say that my room was not in the state of your room but still needed to be organized so I have a place for all the new texts. This secret project is very interesting, I can not wait to see the finished product.

noricum said...

This is what I was telling you about tonight:

I saw it first here: