Monday, October 8, 2007

Back to blogging

Oh my, I really didn't realize that it had been almost two weeks since my last blogging. Ofcourse this means a whole pile up of accomplished knitting that needs to be talked about. I am amazed at how much I do have to show you because the reason for the lack of blogging is that I've been swamped with school/marking and this long weekend I have made it my goal to not do anything until today and enjoy the empty house that always comes with Thanksgiving (Happy Turkey Day to all my Canadian friends!).
The first thing to show you is a super huge accomplishment... the second baby blanket is done!!! It is such a huge relief to get the blankets out of the way so that I can finally focus on some various Christmas & sock knitting that I've been dying to get around to. So without further ado, here is Ducky modeling the baby blanket made out of a free pattern on the Bernat website:
I still haven't gotten to see this baby yet but my mother and I are hoping to go visit this upcoming weekend. I can't wait to meet her :)
Then there are some baby socks for the recently born baby boy to my friend. I had promised her baby socks but needed to wait until I knew the gender because the two toned socks really do need to be more so colour co-ordinated. I still can't get over how adorable little baby socks are. Hopefully because they're rather small they will fit him soon and I can finally see some of the socks I've made on real live babies:
Then, I'm not entirely sure if I've mentioned it (though I suspect I haven't), I've signed up for round 5 of the International Scarf Exchange. I've been dying to try making a Chevron Scarf so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. And I must say that I am loving it and cannot wait to make one for myself. I suspect that mine will be made out of my Yarntini. But that's in the future, right now I must be dedicated to making the scarf for my most excellent downstream pal. It's being made out of Cherry Tree Hill in "Winterberry" and Shibui Knits in a colourway I cannot remember at the moment. The goal was bright and funky and I'm sure you'll agree that this definitely qualifies:
I'm hoping she loves it as she definitely seems like that type of girl. And she also hails from a warmer climate than me so I think sock yarn will make it cool enough that it's not unwearable due to probability of heat stroke :) I think that's always a good quality in a scarf.
On the Christmas knitting front I have started some socks for my friend Ashley's mom who put us up for the night on the way back from Vancouver this summer. I agreed to make socks in exchange for the room and board. She picked out the yarn a good two and half months ago now but I told her that they wouldn't be started until after baby blanket completion. These are being made out of Claudia Handpainted in the colourway "Just Plum" on 2.75mm dpn's in the "Waving Lace Socks" pattern from "Favourite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave" (have I mentioned that I totally heart this book?). There's not much done yet but here is the start:
(Sorry for the sudden change in picture size, all the photos of it seem to have come out a bit blurry unless I decrease the size, hopefully there will be a better pic when I get further along.
And just to prove I am still making something for myself, the current state of the Hula Punch socks:
Happy Turkey Day!
P.S. To my SP, your package still hasn't arrived but there's no mail today because of the holiday, hopefully it'll come tomorrow, I can't wait!


summer said...


Found you through Robyn! That knitting looks great! Happy Thanksgiving! you can find me over at

knitting singer said...

those hula punch socks are looking great. How adorable are those little socks, I don't know if there is anything more adorable! That scarf is shocking it's so bright!

Knitting Mama said...

LOVE the jaywalkers!!