Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back to the blanket

Another week and where exactly has the month of May gone to? I have absolutely no idea because I can't see any way that I've actually been at my job for nearly four weeks now. The summer research is by far the best job I have ever had and it's such a pleasure to go in to work every single day. That ofcourse leaves me inspired for lots of knitting time in the evening!

After the massive amounts of guilt I've been feeling about the baby blanket, this weekend I bought the first two seasons of Grey's Anatomy and spent most of the weekend just knitting the blanket and watching Greys. It took me until last night to finish it. And I couldn't stop. I didn't want to stop until I knew that Meredith got back together with Dr McDreamy. I have to stop falling for series where the heroine is constantly getting screwed over by love because I was crying way more than should be normal for a tv series. But I was ever so impressed when for two episodes they should the main characters knitting. Izzie even gave her boyfriend a hand knit sweater, then he died. Really puts a new spin on the "never knit your boyfriend a sweater" legend doesn't it? So this is what the baby blanket currently looks like:

It's about 22 inches at the moment so just another 22 to go before I reach the 44 inch mark, hooray! This two baby blankets thing is looking more and more do-able.

After the massive amount of blanket knitting I took the last two nights off from it and mostly was picking at the second Monkey sock. I have about two weeks to finish them before the go and get mailed off for a birthday. Completely do-able!

And I may or may not have placed in another order at The Loopy Ewe. Shh! I caught the sneak up last week. It's really hard to explain to your ride why they have to hold on so that you can order yarn at 7:15 in the morning so that it's not all gone by the time everyone gets to the site. I got all different brands from what I ordered last time with the exception of another Claudia Hand Paint because I am absolutely in love with how it's knitting up on the Monkey's and because I saw a picture on the Sockapalooza Pligg of someone knitting with it in the Carousel colourway and knew that I needed it.

As I read through my regular knitting blogs and through the Pligg, I cannot believe the amount of people knitting Monkey socks at the moment. It seems like just about every second blog has someone knitting them or talking about imminently needing to knit them. The blog-o-sphere really has added a slightly crazy dynamic to the world of knitting by starting "crazes". The "popular" pattern of the day. I only hope that it doesn't have the same effect as it does on most commercial goods. It's a big fad and then it gets tossed and forgotten about real quickly. Some of the crazes are for really gorgeous patterns and it would be a shame for them to get tossed because of the internet created "novelty" to wear off... Just some thoughts.

And, in a bit of exciting news, I'm waiting rather impatiently for the post office to deliver my ISE4 scarf. I heard from my upstream pal last week who says it's on its way. That was a week ago so it could be here any time now. I just have to forget how much the post office seems to hate me and with any luck it might be here by the end of the week *knocks on wood*. I promise lots of pictures when it arrives!

Happy knitting :)


knitting singer said...

Grey's Anatomy is the best!!!! I LOVE that show! The only bad part is you become way too involved. Those monkey socks are adorable and that yarn is amazing! Sock knitting, in general, seems to be very popular right now.

stickchick said...

Everything looks great!!

I'm still waiting on my ISE to come FROM Canada too!! The mail must be against us both! We will wait together!!