Friday, April 20, 2007


I am done, done, done, done, done classes and exams. Hooray! And at the same time I have also managed to finish up my ISE4 scarf and the package. Here is the artsy picture of the scarf (my first attempt at artsy knitting shots, so please be kind):

I am very happy with how this scarf turned out and it is soooo soft from the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I totally love it. I really hope that my recepient will love it too. It is currently in the mail and off to Australia. I think the post office was trying to be amusing. They gave me an "option" of surface or air mail. Surface was half the price but could take up to 3 months to get there while air mail took 1.5-3 weeks. Needless to say I got the air mail.

Things got a little bit interesting with the blocking of the scarf though which I hate to think about reliving this experience in the future:

Notice what it's being blocked on? Astroturf. *sigh* That was murder trying to get the pins to stay in. My scarfee is allergic to pet hair so the only way to avoid cats walking all over it was to block in out on the balcony. My poor little Mittens sounding like she was dying with all her meowing when my dad went outside after supper and she wasn't allowed out.

I also have another FO under my belt. About two weeks ago my friend Justyna mentioned that she was having a get together for her birthday last weekend and was hinting that she liked my fingerless mitts. So I nod and smile and continue on with my day. It wasn't until the next night when I was sitting at home when I realized that, "Crap! She invited me to her birthday. That means she's having a birthday and needs a present!" With only a week and a half and three exams in the mean time I had to settle for what I had in the house. I had bought the yarn to make Fetching from Knitty not that long ago so I tearfully gave it up and made her mitts out of my precious Rowan Cashsoft Aran (but don't be too sad for me, I went back to the LYS after the exams and bought myself another skein). It was a madhouse trying to make them while studying. And as fate would have it, her party got pushed back a week and is tomorrow. So I could've had lots of time. Just my luck. But here they are, I hope she likes them:

In the mean time I've also gotten more done on the baby blanket and my Queen of Cups socks which I'll show once they're at the point that I can get them on my feet (which shouldn't be long!). Happy weekend!


Deneen said...


gemma said...

fabulous work, hey I live in Australia is your scarf for me??????
LOL Just kidding around, it can't me me I'm not allergic to cat/dog hair.

Lucky scarf pal :)


Jewels said...

That cashmerino is touchingly ooooooh for sure. You did a beautiful job on the scarf, and justyna is going to L.O.V.E. the fetchings. You're a knitting maniac.