Sunday, March 4, 2007

One monkey down

So hooray! I've finished sock one of my knitty Monkey socks. And I absolutely love the way that it turned out and the colours. It just feels so nice on my foot and I only wish that the sock fairies would magically knit the other one over night so that I can wear them asap (unfortunately I think the knitting fairies are in cohoots with the homework fairies who also refuse to do all my work when I'm asleep as well *sigh*). And in case you can still take more pictures of the same socks, here is the FO:

And in wonderful news, all of my Christmas knitting is now given out! My aunt finally came over on Saturday and I gave her her leg warmers. But it also happened to be her birthday and I felt bad about giving her a Christmas gift on her birthday so I also did a quick knit up of hat she wanted. I made one for my cousin several months back and she really wanted one herself. Luckily it was a very quick basically straight stockinette hat that took next to no time. The look on her face was just great. I'm so happy that she likes them after all the happened to get them done. Here it is, modelled by Mittens who "just had" to include chunks of fur in the hat for her favourite aunt:

Last week I was doing some bedtime reading and picked up the book "Yarn Harlot" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and I have to say that I really loved it. You know that you've officially crossed that line when you find yourself identifying with a woman who and non-knitter would probably read her book and think she was crazy. My favourite chapter was the one with the lost tape measurers. I was laughing so hard that I was scaring Mittens who was curled up beside me and I started coughing I was laughing so hard. I think it's a definite fun read for any knitter.
Once again, not great knitting time prospects for the upcoming week but I'll be sure to cast on for sock #2 so that I have some car knitting for the week before I go to bed and I plan to sketch out a pattern for a crocheted bandana that I have flying around in my head. Can't wait! Have a great week :)


Deneen said...

Fantastic sock!

Deneen said...

I meant to mention, I am a non-knitter and love Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, but I do have a fiber addiction, sigh.

BTW, you can subscribe to Bloglines ('s free and when you find a blog you like, you can subscribe to it and it'll update you on when they have new posts. Smack Jewels for me for not telling you.

Jewels said...

Awesome sockiness!!

Jewels said...

hahah Deneen - I sent her the link before the smack!! weeks ago even..just have to show her.

Mathgirl said...

As it turns out, I actually do use bloglines and have for a few weeks since Jewels sent me the link. I just couldn't find the link to your blog because clicking your icon or user name just collapses your comment.