Monday, March 12, 2007

A change of heart

So after knitting my fingerless mitts for a few days I've had a change of heart. I am just so in love with them that I think I have to make the Fetching next. And when I went to check out what yarn it needed it just happened to list one skein of Cashsoft Aran from Rowan. Clearly it's a sign of fate that I should use it to make fetching and be satisfied with the two skeins I already have set aside for the Calorimetry.
Though there was a bit of a sad moment today making the Dashing right mitt, namely a misplaced cable... 6/7 rows back *sniff* It was really disheartening to have to spend all that time ripping it back. I'm just too impatient and desperately want them done now.
I also failed to mention that in my trip to the LYS store I invested in a set of size 1 DPN made from bamboo. So I tried a few rows of the next socks. And while the needles were so nice to work with, I kept having nightmares of my snapping them in half from putting too much pressure on them (my metal dpn are noticeably bent where I hold them). So let's cross our fingers that I can manage to not break something I own. I'd show how the socks started to knit up but ofcourse there was a mistake so I just took it right off the needles. But it was only like 2.5 rows which I did merely to test out the needles ( I can't have the Monkey socks thinking I forgot about them!).
But it's off to study, complex analysis is calling my name for my test tomorrow (stupid test cutting into my knitting time, blah)

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