Sunday, March 11, 2007

Yarn yarn everywhere

So, today's update will be mostly concerning yarn porn and the various projects I have lined up for myself. I spent yesterday scavenging through my LYS, spending much more than any non-knitter would think was necessary and already got through half a project. Not bad for half a day is it?

First we'll start with the project that I couldn't wait to get on the needles, Dashing from the spring knitty. And here it is (Misty supervised as it was my first attempt ever at cabling):

You can see a close up at right of my first cables, *Awww*. It started to go much better after the first cabling row in which I was dropping stitches like there was no tomorrow and my house was filled with the sounds of needles dropping to the floor every ten seconds. (You can see why I needed kitty supervision!). Though I really do have to work on getting the tension at the twist spot even because some are much tighter than others. But for a first try, I'm happy with it.

The yarn used was this:

Tahki Yarns "New Tweed" %70 merino, %15 Silk %11 Cotton and %4 Viscose. 103 yds/50 g. 2 skeins. Not the yarn the pattern called for because my LYS doesn't have it but I did stay true to the tweed intentions even though it's something I normally wouldn't buy.

Then next on the list is my yarn for the thing I've most been coveting for a while, a Calorimetry from Knitty Winter 2006. I have several yarns to make it from:

Featured to the left is Linnie 157 Tessa yarn from %100 Virgin Wool 85m/50g most likely for present making. To the right is some truly luscious Rowan Cashsoft Aran made from %57 extra fine merion %33 microfibre and %10 cashmere 95yd/50g. Oh so soft and totally destined to be my first calorimetry, woo hoo!

Next we move on to some slippers, namely Twinkletoes from Knitty Winter 2006 to be made out of this:

Rowam Calmer 75% cotton %25 acrylic/microfibre 175yds/50g with quite the nice feel to it. So I'm happy.

And ofcourse, my next sock project Queen of Cups from (any wild guesses here?) Knitty Spring 2007. Made from this:

Rowan 4-ply soft %100 merino wool 191yds/50g. And I can't tell you how unbelievably excited I am to get these on the needles. But ofcourse that means getting monkey sock #2 off the needles. And because it seems my blog update wouldn't be complete without a WIP of the socks:

And that's all she wrote folks!

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