Thursday, August 9, 2007

What's this?

Okay, let's do a post office recap:
Thursday (the 2nd): I mail my Sockapalooza Package at the post office
Friday: I get "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" in the mail. Accepted by my mother at the house.
Monday: Stat Holiday, no mail.
Tuesday: "Wendy Knits" arrives in the mail and I got to the post office
Wednesday: My Rocker Girl sock yarn arrives in the mail, I go to the post office and nearly murder the cashier.
Thursday (today): Package delivery notice comes in the mail. I make my now habitual trip to the post office expecting my Loopy Ewe order. The lady pulls out a square parcel wrapped in brown paper. I think to myself that it's very odd that they'd ship the yarn like that. Then I look at the return address. Quebec?!?! This can't be my package so I check the name it's being sent to. Yep, there's my name. Then it suddenly clicks... MY SOCKAPALOOZA SOCKS ARRIVED!!!!!!
I raced to the car to open the package. First I resisted all temptation and opened the card. My socks were made for me by a wonderful woman named Frieda who happens to live in Quebec, my most favouritest of places. I couldn't have gotten a more wonderful sock pal if I tried! At the top of the package were these wonderful "extras":
Notice the Fleece Artist Sea Wool? I adore this yarn. And in such a pretty pink colour. It's not entirely solid but has ever so subtle different shades of pink. The nicest part of the yarn? She wound it into a ball for me :) Thank you!!!!! You do not want to see my current method for winding yarn by hand by myself!
Then, what I've been waiting for all this time, THE socks:
They were made out of Opal sock yarn in the neon colourway. And I found it all too perfect that she picked a pattern for me with the name "Math Whiz" :) Someone clearly knows what will get me giddy, lol. They fit me absolutely perfectly which is amazing because my feet are pretty square and the toes are almost always too tight but not these! I totally *heart* them. I wish so much that it wasn't so hot outside and so completely impractical to be wearing socks. The first cold rainy day we have (and with the good weather we've been having, one can't be far away) these are hopping right onto my feet.
Thank you so much Frieda!!! I love them!!!!
(Now let's just see if my Loopy Ewe order comes in tomorrow warranting another trip to the post office this week...)


Knitting Mama said...

Quebec rocks! I'm your SP11 hostess, and I'm from Quebec! (Montreal!!) Did you socks from the swap come from Montreal in Quebec?? :)

Planning on visiting any time in the future? I could take you LYS hopping!

Frieda said...

So happy that you like them and that they fit ! I was just a bit worried aboout the green in the yarn , but since you mentioned that you like bright colours I thought that these would certainly qualify . I forgot to put the leftover yarn in the package so you'll be getting more mail from Quebec soon. Yes , I'm just outside of Montreal (south shore ). Ditto for any visits to Montreal , give us a shout !

knitting singer said...

Love the socks! They are very Jenna!

Anonymous said...

Are you the MathGirl who used the to post offensive views

Susan said...

I've been inundated with work since I got back from my week off, but lo & behold now that I've emerged from my mountain of e-mails my #1 thing to do is to leave you a post on how much I TOTALLY TOTALLY LOVE my sockpal socks from you!!!!!!!!!

They're absolutely wonderful - the colour, the fit - everything! I wore them all day (with a skirt, no less - to say I looked goofy in the combo is a total understatement - even Peggers when he got home said first thing to me "uh, nice outfit") but as they were so comfortable and wonderful I just couldn't resist.

The other presents you added in with the socks just totally knocked me on my ass - to be blunt. :) The Munchkin absolutely adores his ABC book - he's read it a million times (and as Peggers is a huge hockey fan the fact that the sport is mentioned twice is of total delight & joy to the both of them) The cat grass treat is almost sprouted enough to unleash them on it, I've got french toast all waiting for breakfast on Saturday, at which point we'll bust out the maple syrup, the book is tucked alongside my bed for PM-after-knitting reading (we listen to As It Happens ever night, so knowing that his pieces were on the CBC was just wonderful!), the lip gloss is in my pocket as we, er, type, and the sea wool.................

..................well, all I can do with the sea wool is press it against my face and smell it and rub it on my cheek and then my eyes glaze over and I'm in a sort of impenetrable fiber-zone for a good 10 minutes. So that's about all I can say about the sea wool other than thankyouthankyouthankyou.....

I have been truly spoiled for any other sort of swap - so maybe I should just quit now while I'm ahead and not join any more for fear of fierce future disappointment!


Jewels said...

Your palooza socks are soooo beautiful!