Thursday, August 9, 2007


Oom-pa-pa, oom-pa-pa! Holy polkas Batman! Sorry for the lack of postings but for the past four nights and for the next three I've been playing at the German Pavilion in Folklorama with the German Club Band. For non-locals it's a huge festival every year where dozens of different cultural groups around the city host shows displaying their culture, serve their traditional food and wear the traditional dress. Like this:
Jane & Me Drindl 2
Drindl Back
Though I must tell you that those photos aren't from this year's Folklorama. My drindl was heart breakingly taken back by the lady who gave them to my friend who in turn let me have one. So I am currently drindl-less :( So if anyone happens to know where I can get a nice drindl without paying 100s of dollars...
But it's been tons of fun. And I've gotten some knitting done between the shows. I am currently working strictly on the cabled baby blanket until it finished. I'm over half done though so that's encouraging. However, it doesn't exactly make for interesting blog posts to see it just get a bit bigger each day. So I'll have to satisfy you with some yarn porn:
Rocker Girl
This would be the skein I just acquired of Skinny Duets in the "Rocker Girl" colourway. And I have to tell you. I am in love. And all because of this yarn it is killing me to only work on that blanket. Forever I've been thinking how I wanted yarn in black, hot pink and white and searching and searching. Then this gets updated to the dyers homepage last week. And while I wasn't a fan of the yarn base of the regular Duets Yarn (DK weight), the yarn base for the skinny yarn (fingering weight) is so soft and smooshy. *swoons* I highly suggest people head over to A Swell Yarn Shop and look at her yarn. The shipping was very fast. It took just a week and it's coming from the States to Canada so that's a good deal.
Speaking of parcels, I've been to the post office last Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Today. A package also came on Friday but someone was home to accept it. I've been getting tons of mail. Some books from Chapters and two yarn orders. And I must tell you, I'm not all too pleased with some of the employees. The other day there was three people plus a lady already being served in front of me. two people were working. It took them 20 minutes before they served me. Argh! hopefully for putting up with that my Sockapalooza Socks will arrive to their recipient post haste (package tracking says they atleast arrived to the destination country, and they used that terminology too). So hooray!
Wish me luck at the show tonight and I'll show you the Yarntini that I'm off to the post office to pick up later :)

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