Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More sighs for the socks

Exhibit A: Socks from hell
Okay, this weekend was full of great sadness and many sighs over my sockapalooza socks. I got to my cabin Friday night dead set on finishing sock #1 and being well on my way through sock two by the end of the weekend. I get to the cabin late Friday so there's only minor knitting. Saturday I sit down and the sock is about 1/2 of the way through the instep. So like any consciencious knitter I try on the sock. Well... once it's on my foot it fits like an absolute glove. However, this involved major struggling to get it on and even worse struggling to get it off. And my pals feet are a bit wider than mine. Clearly that wouldn't do.

So being the good little sock knitter that I am I did the only right thing. I had a moment to myself and then ripped the whole thing back. Hours of work gone in a matter of seconds. I then immediately cast on again for the larger size. Undaunted I knit furiously. Sunday evening I am at about a third of the way through the instep. I try on the sock. The socks are not a single bit bigger. I can clearly tell they used more wool because of where the "fresh" yarn started but they are a fight on. The only difference I see is a slight bagging at the top of the heel flap from its extra length.

After all the trouble I went through to find this yarn I know that it won't survive another ripping. So I'm left with no choice but to abandon them as sockapalooza socks. While they aren't my colours, I do think they're knitting up gorgeously so they probably will end up in my collection.

So what to do now? Well, the plan for the ominous sky yarn (from the last entry) was to send it with the package to my pal so instead it's becoming her socks. I've done some swatching and picked an entirely new pattern from "More Sensational Knitted Socks". I am however waiting until the start of the summer of socks to cast them on. And everyone, if you could please cross your fingers for me? Perhaps I should make a sacrifice to the knitting gods... just in case.

Exhibit B: Hopefully not yarn from hell


Anita (canuck) said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out for you.

Terri said...

Ouch! They're so pretty, too. Maybe they'll fit someone else you knit for at some point. Once your pal finds out who you are, I'm sure she will appreciate what you went through for her.

Kathinka said...

I'm sorry the yarn didn't work for you... But it looks beautiful!
Since you spent so much effort in choosing it for your pal and it will most probably be her colors and you wanted to give her yarn, why not send it to her?

knitting singer said...

a sacrifice to the knitting gods sounds like a good idea... but what could you sacrifice??? It's so frustrating when you get so far and have to completely rip it out. I'll be praying to the knitting gods that these socks are less stressful!

Jen said...

Oh I've been there! I've heard jaywalkers are a tight knit, but that's just weird! I'm sure you'll have better luck with your new sock projects. I can feel it!

BTW, it's Blog Reader Jen just stopping by to say Hey.

Jewels said...

oh no, that was the socks you were telling me about :(, heartbreaking loss of so much knitting.