Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hi all! It's the post that you've all been waiting for, the results from my birthday contest! But first, you don't get away that easy. It must be preceded by a statistics lesson :)
While most people pick winners with crazy random number generators (actually, they're generating pseudo random numbers but that's a whole other lesson). I am more of an old school girl and prefer my book of random numbers.
That there is one of my prized possessions. The contents are exactly what it describes. 400 pages of straight random numbers followed by more pages of random normal deviates. i.e. random number tables. For extra fun, check out the reviews of this book, hilarious. The way one uses such a table is they randomly flip to a page and pick a column in the table (I like to do this with my eyes closed but I'm just geeky that way). Then you read the numbers down the columns until you get a usable number. As we had 10 commentors we can't just use 1-10 as that would require two numbers to get 10 and only one for the others which puts 10 at a disadvantage. So we instead use 01, 02,...,09,10 giving double digits to the first numbers. This may mean a while before we get a useable number but luckily for us, I happened upon a number on the second try:
So congrats commentor #9, pioggia! I don't have an email address for you and you don't have a blogger i.d. so please send me an email to mathgirlknits*at*gmail*dot*com with your mailing address and I'll get you your yarn :)
On my knitting front I was in a bib mood this weekend and for good measure made another boy bib. If my supervisor's wife has a boy it's for them, otherwise for baby J (I had to cover my bases for whatever they might have right?). Seriously, you all need to start knitting baby bibs. They are super addicting and such a quick knit.
There's a UFO that's been resurrected too today. Any guesses?

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Knit & Purl Mama said...

Congrats to the winner!

I am soooooooo bad at math and with numbers!