Friday, May 30, 2008

Two squares down, 22 to go

I must admit a piece of shocking news. There has not been a stitch knit chez moi for the last week. And it feels horrible :( But I've been super busy with the quilting and finishing my homework. And now I have two weeks to sew all of the blocks. One week will be gone as I'll be in Montreal all of next week for a conference. That means lots of knitting travel time. I'm also staying an additional few days to sight see and get to two special knitters. I assure you it will be a barrel of fun and I can't wait to tell about all the antics that I'm sure me and Robyn will get into :)
But the quilt! So prior to my wednesday class we remember that it was my homework to cut all of the strips for the quilt. Which took forever. And possibly a tiny chunk of my finger with it as I should totally not be allowed to use anything as sharp as a rotary cutter but what can you do right? Here is how this all looked:

There were pieces of things everywhere I tell you! I don't I'll ever get all the fabrics bits out of the trailer (I spent the week at the cabin for some piece and quiet). Then this past Wednesday was the class where we learned about the actual piecing of the quilt. I unfortunately forgot my camera for the class so there are no WIP shots of the first few blocks being made but I promise that for the upcoming few. As she wanted us to piece an entire square in front of her in class I did the first two squares on their own piece by piece. And I have to say, I heart the 1/4' foot on my dewing machine. I don't think I'd have any hope of sewing a straight line otherwise. These are the first two squares:
I'm still sticking with the diamond pattern so a little peek at just two sitting next to each other to give a bit of flavour:
I do love how these colours are working up together. I think it will be a very beautiful first quilt for me. Outside of my usual colour zone but I truly do like it. And for those who want a peek at the back side:
The next 22 squares are being done at once assembly line style. We'll leave you hanging with what exactly that means and I'll give a little step by step when I get back.
Mean time, wish me luck at convocation on Sunday and a safe trip to Montreal. I might not update until I'm back on the 7th but hopefully I can sneak something in. Have a great weekend!


Knit & Purl Mama said...

Oh my that is gorgeous! I LOVE IT!
I wish I knew how to quilt. I so want to learn!

I can't wait for Wednesday! Totally looking forward to it!

Road trip here we come!

noricum said...

Have a great convocation and conference! Say hi to knit & purl mama for me! ;)

I was thinking of e-mailing you about a spinning get-together. If you don't mind me popping out every once in a while to flip the laundry (and the fact that my place is a mess), we could get together on a Saturday afternoon. Friday evenings are free too (and possibly during the day if I skip going in to the university), although I'm usually exhausted and start napping as soon as I'm home on Fridays. ;)

knitting singer said...

That quilt is so beautiful Jenna! It makes me want to work on my knit log cabin blanket.

Eeekz! We graduate tomorrow! I can hardly contain my excitement!