Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Checking in

Not a long entry but checking in to let you know that I'm still living. I got my honours thesis handed in on Thursday even if it nearly killed me to do so. Wrote my first exam today and will continue to write them into next week.
In stolen moments and a Jenna day post thesis handing in I did some of the following knitting:
Monkey socks made out of Yarntini in the Sangria colourway. I've had this wound for casting on since probably back in December, atleast. Now I can finally have them. The knitting is going really quickly. The pattern is just so easy to get into the knitting zone with.
Then there's the baby bib that I've been saying that I wanted to try. And yes, I made it from the Mason Dixon knitting book, the baby bib of love I believe it's called. Super cute, just perfect for baby J.
There's also been a small project for my Ravelry college knitters swap. It's not a secret swap so I best not be saying what it is or posting pictures. Though I will say that I've never knit it before and that I wound up like two rows short of yarn and had to go back to the yarn store today to buy a new skein. (Funny story too, I walk in to the yarn store and right in front of me is my department head at the university with another professor. She convinced him to let her stop on their way to lunch. It was fun, we gabbed about knitting. But I told the dept. head that he was definitely the last person I ever expected to see in the yarn store, weird. Math is everywhere I tell you!)
Oh, and work continues on the bunting. It will be finished in good course for the first week of May as long as the mother doesn't go into labour too early but I've been lucky so far. Wish me luck getting through these last few weeks so that I can get back to posting and finishing VIP knitting projects.


knitting singer said...

oooh those monkey socks are lovely! I am in such a rut with mine, I think I have 2 repeats done on the 2'nd sock. I do, however, have a good reason for ignoring them as I went full steam ahead on the sweater to finish it.
I have also been dying to knit one of those baby bibs- super cute!!

Frieda said...

Gorgeous monkey socks , lost the momentum with mine. The baby bib is too cute ! Good luck with the exams ...

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Your monkeys look great. I need to finish mine. (And get motivation to finish mine - lol...!) Maybe after some baby knitting.