Friday, July 27, 2007

Yeah Ravelry!

Wow, I've been back for four days now. After a years worth of planning for that trip I can't believe it's over. But I'm back to work so it must be. And yes, perhaps I am at work but I'm waiting for a program to compile so I figure I should make the promised blog post instead of twiddling my thumbs while I'm at this temporary stand still :)
Just like I predicted, the day after I left for my trip I got my Ravelry invite. *sigh* It was a very long wait but I have to tell you that it is so worth it. Anyone who hasn't joined the waitlist should head on over there ASAP and get on it and check out the amazing screen shots they have posted. You can find me there under the username Mathgirl
Needless to say that I've spent the last few nights uploading pictures for the "My Projects" section and Wednesday night I photographed my entire stash. Luckily I've just been knitting for a year so it was still manageable. But while I've photographed everything, only half the pictures & info has been uploaded. The rest are for next week. But I did take a picture of my stash all layed out afterwards:
It's just a wee stash at the moment but in time it'll grow. (And speaking of growing stashes, you must see this blog post about a ladies gigantic stash room. Try not faint!)
In actually accomplished knitting news I just did the gusset on my 2nd sock pal sock. This weekend would be the do or die weekend to finish it. Nothing else is allowed to be done until it's been accomplished. And seeing as how I'll be at the cabin, I should be able to discipline myself into doing it sans computer available to waste time on. And that also means that in the next two-three weeks i'll get the socks someone is making for me. Awww... I keep forgetting that I'll have some arriving too. too exciting!
On the Mystery Stole front here is what it looked like after clue three two weekends ago because I never got pictures up:
Considering how huge clue 4 is and my sock obligations I probably won't be done it by the time clue 5 gets posted next Friday but we'll see.
Hope you have a great weekend all!


the stripey tiger said...

Is Bonney of the AMAZING STASH (!!!!) your mum??? It's incredible. My mum has heaps f yarn and fabric but hey nothing like that! :-) SHaron

knitting singer said...

That stash was INSANE!! I was near drooling... how amazing would it be just sit in that room! Now Jenna you have quite the growing stash yourself. I've got a bin full of yarn but no where near as much as yours... I guess i better get started! I'm really liking that shawl I bet it will be lovely once it's complete! Hope you're having a great summer!

Jewels said...

I thought my stash was goofy!! That lady's is like a yarn grab basement.
The mystery shawl is awesome.