Monday, July 16, 2007

Off to knit... I mean do math

It's been a very busy last few days as I've been anxiously awaiting today. And what's so special about today? I leave for Vancouver!!!! Hooray!!!! The car is all packed up and I'm ready to leave with a fellow math partner in crime to attend the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. Now I think he might be aware that I do "some" knitting but then again maybe he's totally unaware. One way or another I am sure he is unprepared for the three big bags full of yarn/projects/patterns/supplies I have brought with me. Never mind what he'll think when I stop to take pictures of my socks-in-progress with the mountain scenerary for the Summer of Socks "Socks on Vacation" contest! Oh well, I have a beyond geeky reputation so this can't make all that much of a difference and it'll be amusing for me :)

On the personal knitting front I got another sock finished. I haven't divulged the purchase before but after my post about wanting to try Duets sock yarn I found another shop that sold it and put it in with an order of yarn for my friend's mom. Though I'm not sold on the toe-up sock, this is yarn that clearly needs a toe-up pattern to get a full heel in the contrasting colour. The pattern was mostly from an easy toe-up pattern in More Sensational Knitted Socks. I must say though that I like her short-row heel better than Wendy's. Here's what the first one looks like:

I think it's lots of fun. And a super quick knit because it's a DK thickness yarn. The colourway is called Laguna Waves and I knitted it on size 3 dpn with 56 stitiches. If you're interested in the yarn I found the dyers web page at A Swell Yarn Shop. If you hurry there, their sock club just went on sale! I can't wait to get the second sock done.

I also got my clue #3 of the mystery stole finished Saturday afternoon. I freely admit to being a very impatient Taurus and I knit it the second I had a chance and didn't stop until I was finished. Now I'm trying real hard to wait until Friday so that I can keep knitting when clue #4 comes out. Atleast I have the conference to keep me pre-occupied. I don't have a picture for you at the moment because I was too busy last night preparing for the trip to dig out pins to pin out the stole. But I can say there are definitely flowers appearing in the pattern, interesting...

Oh! They finally have a program up on ravelry to see where you are on the waiting list. I'm #171 in line. Hooray! They said last week their goal was to get up to the May 28th signups which was my signup date (I hope they meant inclusive!). But ofcourse this means my invite is going to come while I'm away and I'll have to wait a whole week to actually play around on the site, Boo-urns :( Oh well, can't get everything I guess :)

Here's the trip knitting wish list (in this order):

-Redo toe on Sockapalooza sock & knit second sockapalooza sock

-Knit up 2 more balls worth of the cabled baby blanket to put me at 2/3's done

-Knit some cute pink baby socks in hopes of encouraging my friend's baby to be a girl so that I can knit girly outfits for her :)

-Knit second Duet sock

-Finish first Sweetpea sock and start the next.

That should keep me oocupied though there's more knitting if need be. It'll be a long trip (2.5 days) in both directions so there's lots of potential. And I signed up at Audible so for my first book download I loaded "The Notebook" up on my mp3 player to listen to it whilst knitting. Have a great week and enjoy Harry Potter 7! I'll leave you with a picture of Misty getting in on the sock knitting action:

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Jewels said...

Oh you're going to love Ravelry!!
Hope the conf week is going good.