Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lettuce Knits

While I was in Toronto mainly to do this
(That's graph theory for any one curious. My talk was on random graphs and the probabilistic method and the picture is the sample space for all graphs of order 3), I'm sure you are wondering what kind of yarn I walked away with.
While I had every intention of spending Saturday afternoon durring the free time yarn shopping a group of my friend's was going to Wonderland and as I love big scary rides to death, I just could not pass up the opportunity to go. So I was left with about an hour of shopping time Sunday morning before I left. I dug up the phone book and as it turns out there was a yarn store just a few blocks from where I was staying that I walked mere meters from on several occassions. And of all the yarn stores in Toronto I happened to luck out and have it be this one
It was quite the honour to get to go inside. Unfortunately it really is about the size of a large closet and there was a class going on so I couldn't see the back half of the store where all the dk+ size yarn was but I did get to swoon over all the beautiful sock and lace yarn they had. It was rather amusing because just after I stepped in two ladies came in from out of town and one looked to the other and said "I can't believe I'm actually in this store", lol. I tried to explain that to the other conference goers and exactly what a "legendary" yarn store is but they really didn't buy it. But we know :) There were three things that walked away with me.
Some koigu. I've been wanting to buy koigu again for a long while but every store whose had it has never had colours that really inspired me. These ones absolutely did. Then there was more sock yarn
Socks That Rock lightweight in Atomic #6. Yes, I know I have an order of STR coming my way but I couldn't pass it up. It spoke to me and so I had to take it home. And then immediately cast on for another pair of socks (help! I have so many unfinished pairs!)
Not what I was expecting at all once knit up but I dig it :)
Then there was a kit. Not just any kit. But THE kit for the Tulip baby sweater made out of Dream In Colour Classy. It takes quite a few colours so they wind off just enough of each colour for you so that it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. I've been feverishly knitting on it since I got home and in three days it looks like this (please ignore all the yarn bits hanging out)

Now, it's supposed to be 6-9 months but we all know I'm a reckless knitter who never swatches yet always uses the recommended needle size despite the fact that I know I knit ridiculously tight. So it looks more new born-ish. Thankfully there's a girl baby coming in September. I hear that babies tend to come newborn sized so it should be just great :)
So yes, that was the most important part of my trip to Toronto. Fun no?


knitting singer said...

The baby sweater is so adorable! I love that yarn and the colours.

noricum said...

So I take it you weren't reducing the space using symmetry? I'd be interested in hearing about your research. :) I love graphs!

I wrote a paper on how to generate red-black tree shapes using insertions, and have two more in (neglected progress) on counting red black tree shapes, and which colourations are insertion-reachable.

I love the yarn! Isn't Lettuce Knit neat? It's so tiny, but I love it. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good time while you were away!
SP12 Pal

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great stash enhancement in TO!

I've never been good at math in school!